Industrial wood impregnation

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Type Impregnated Timber
Country Ukraine


Complementary information В расчет стоимости пропитки входит Tanalith E + Tanatone / The calculation of the cost of impregnation includes Tanalith E + Tanatone
Description Impregnation of wood is a process of deep impregnation of wood with a protective agent (antiseptic) that will give the tree such qualities as durability (increase in the service life of the starting material), protection from harmful insects and parasites, rot, mold and fungus, protection from direct contact with water and soil .

This method has been used for a long time and is widely used for impregnating garden furniture, fence and terraced boards, rafters, floors and other wooden products for outdoor use, for which a high degree of protection is particularly important.

The process of impregnation, or "vacuum-pressure-vacuum," consists of several stages. At the first stage of the process, the vacuum unit removes moisture and air from the wood cells. The second stage, the autoclave is filled with a protective compound by means of a high-pressure pump, which causes the special liquid to penetrate deeply into the structure of the wood. At the end of the process, the pressure in the system is lowered and a secondary vacuum is created which removes residual moisture from the wood.

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